Project Description

Created and Filmed by Aktivera Media

Chicuchas Wasi is an alternative primary school for girls, situated just outside of Cusco, Peru.  The aim of the school is to provide high-quality, free education for females coming from underprivileged, rural backgrounds, ages 4-12.

The uniqueness of Chicuchas Wasi’s approach is two-fold: 1) promoting self-esteem and gender equality in girls, and 2) educating the families and the community as to the value of their girls and their abilities, if given opportunities.

In this way, CW empowers the girls to excel academically and defend themselves economically in the future.

Aktivera has been working with Chicuchas Wasi over the past 7 years on:

  • Piloting and launching a private-public educational business model for financial sustainability of the school
  • Budgeting and expense optimization
  • Human resource management
  • Grant funding
  • Metrics
  • Launch of the merit and need-based Scholarship Fund
  • Creating a social business model