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For Foundations, Impact Investors and High Net Worth Individuals

We define and implement your impact strategy:

  • Identify and set impact objectives for the energy-water-food nexus.
  • Define, measure and set forth a management strategy/tools for desired outcomes.
  • Source appropriate investments from our own network or leveraging partner referrals.
  • Perform rigorous due diligence on the ground.
  • Construct diversified portfolios.
  • Diversify and manage risk.
  • Work hand-in-hand with investees (see support services for SMEs).
  • Share best practices and cross-pollinate lessons learned among investees.

For Impact-focused Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

To help you launch, grow and deliver impact, We:

  • Define and measure the impact you want to achieve.
  • Develop an operational business model.
  • Set key targets to help support the business case.
  • Design and implement customer acquisition strategy.
  • Budget. Forecast. Stress test cash flows.
  • Prepare a bankable business plan linked to an investment memo.
  • Advise in financial structuring and determine an optimal funding mix.
  • Connect to and develop partnerships with investors focused on impact.

For International Development Actors

We implement projects at the energy-food-water nexus in the emerging markets:

  • Identify the right technology, its entry point and commercialisation strategy.
  • Provide business development advisory to technology providers (manufacturers, distributors) and their users (farmers, coops) – see services for SMEs.
  • Structure a range of financial solutions with Finance Service Providers (FSPs), ranging from blended finance, asset-backed finance, credit and working capital, guarantees, leasing, etc. and introduce the right operational incentives to enable the uptake of renewable energy technologies.
  • Perform exhaustive market research, data collection and analysis pre-, during and post project implementation.
  • Document impact through data-driven reporting as well as visual storytelling.
  • Issue policy recommendations.
  • Bridge development funding to commercial finance in a series of targeted, well-defined and well-executed investments.